Chemical composition: |na+n (H2O) 4 | [alnsi24-n o48]-mtt, n < 2 ZSM-23 molecular sieve has a MTT topological framework, whichcontains five membered rings, six membered rings and ten membered rings at the same time. The one-dimensional pores composed of ten membered rings are parallel pores that are not crosslinked with each other. The orifice of ten membered rings is three-dimensional wavy, and the cross section is teardrop shaped.

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Zeolite Type ZSM-23 Zeolite
No NKF-23-40
Product Components SiO2 & Al2O3
Item Result method
Shape Powder ——
SiO2/Al2O3 mol/mol 40 XRF
Crystallinity% 95 XRD
Surface AreaBET m2/g 200 BET
Na2Om/m % 0.04 XRF
LOI m/m % Measured 1000℃, 1h
ZSM-23 is a microporous high-silica molecular sieve with a topological framework of MTT structure. The skeleton topology includes five-membered rings, six-membered rings and ten-membered rings at the same time. The one-dimensional channels composed of ten-membered rings are non-intersecting Connected parallel channels, the ten-membered ring orifice is three-dimensional wavy, the cross-section is teardrop-shaped, the largest and smallest free diameters are 0.52*0.45nm,Due to its unique pore structure and strong surface acidity, ZSM-23 molecular sieve exhibits high catalytic activity and selectivity in many catalytic reactions, and is widely used in olefin oligomerization, catalytic cracking to produce low-carbon olefins, and linear Hydrocarbon isomerization, desulfurization and adsorption separation.Products are trusted by researchers and engineers worldwide for meeting the standards of excellence. Transportation Non-dangerous goods, in transportation process avoid wet. Keep dry and airproof. Storage Method Deposit in dry place and vent, not in the open air. Packages 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 10kg, 1000kg or based on your need.

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